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Motus Bioengineering Inc.


  • Deep Brain Stimulus (click here for more info)

  • Improving Diagnosis through movement analysis.

  • Supervising Parkinson's patients during the course of treatment.

  • Measuring effects of functional neurosurgery.

  • Studying kinetics of athletes (track, golf, tennis, gymnastics, etc).

  • Quantifying dyskinesia.

  • Analyzing gait (Parkinson's, stroke, etc.)

  • Assisting in movement disorder studies.

  • Monitoring efficacy of drug treatment.

  • Documenting injury rehabilitation in physical therapy.

  • Evaluating athletic equipment (shoes, golf clubs, rackets, etc).

  • Detecting and quantifying chemical toxicity tremors.

  • Rehabilitating musicians through movement studies (violinist, cellist, etc).

  • Plotting unique tremor characteristics.

  • Sensing side-effect tremors in patients on psychotropic pharmaceuticals.

  • Monitoring thoroughbred race horse injuries.



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